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CUH&GS is pleased to introduce this new database of genealogy and heraldry.

Please click on one of the links in the menu to enter the database.

We hope that you enjoy the information presented here.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the project.

Aims of the Database

The aim is to grow an accurate and reliable online database of heraldry and genealogy.

We are seeking to attach a coat of arms, where an image can be sourced, to each individual, so as to appear alongside their names in the genealogy and charts.

We aim first to include genealogical and heraldic entries for the Royal Family of the United Kingdom and Her Majesty’s antecedents, the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland; then the armigerous landed gentry and titled aristocracy of the British Isles, and the other royal houses of Europe. Anyone is eligible to be included in the database if they are either armigerous or related to an armiger collaterally or by descent (however distantly).

In due course we intend to produce a table listing the families for inclusion, on which to monitor the progress of the database.

The current aim is to complete our genealogical and heraldic entries for the Royal Family (802–present) before compiling information on connected families.

The database also provides a place for members of CUH&GS to publish their own heraldic and genealogical research on any connected families.

In the left-hand margin are the arms of the seven most senior non-royal dukes in the Peerage of England.

Last updated St. Alban, 2018.