Badge of the White Lion Society

The White Lion Society

A Society of Friends of the College of Arms

The name of the Society (and indeed part of the badge) is derived from the supporter of the arms of the College and from the Mowbray lion supporter of the Earl Marshal.

The original idea for the Society came from the late Wilfred Scott-Giles, Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary.

The Society holds an Annual General Meeting in January each year followed by a Reception at the College of Arms. A Summer Reception is also held.

The object of the Society is to support the work and activities of the College of Arms which would not normally be undertaken by the College. Any activity of the Society which directly affects the College shall be subject to the approval of the Chapter of the College.

Membership is open to individuals, societies and institutions.

The Society's Badge
The Society has been given permission by the College of Arms to use the lion badge of the College.

Further Details
For further details contact the Honorary Secretary, Mr Michael Messer, Flat 1, 2 Church Street, Bath. BA1 1NL

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