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Michaelmas Term, 2017

Thursday, 12th October, 8.45 p.m. – Freshers' Squash
Dr. Patrick Cook
“The Last Rites of an Empire, or Four Funerals and a Coronation”

Thursday, 26th October, 8.45 p.m. – Eve Logan Lecture
David Broomfield
“Scandals of the British Peerage”

Thursday, 9th November, 8.45 p.m.
ir. Richard van der Beek
“The Armorial Bearings of Limburg”

Thursday, 23th November, 8.45 p.m.
Richard Goddard
“London Livery Company Heraldry”

Date to be confirmed The Saint Nicholas Feast
College to be confirmed
White tie with decorations, or Black Tie

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