See our year-card for a complete list of events this academical year.

Lent Term, 2018

Thursday, 18th January, 8.45 p.m.
Peter O'Donoghue, York Herald of Arms
“The Heralds' Visitations of London”

Thursday, 1st February, 8.45 p.m. Mountbatten Commemorative Lecture
Dr. David Smith
“The Monarchical Republic of Oliver Cromwell”

Saturday, 3rd February, 11.00 a.m.
Heraldry Tour of Eton College

Thursday, 15th February, 8.45 p.m.
Dr. Berthold Kress
“Heraldic Adventures in Bavaria”

Thursday, 1st March, 8.45 p.m.
Dr. Duncan Sutherland
“The Arms of British Women Parliamentarians”

Date to be confirmed, 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. The Annual Dinner
College to be confirmed
White tie with decorations, or Black Tie

Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society
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