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Orders of Chivalry

Collar Days

This section lists the days when those of Knight Grand Cross rank wear their collars.

Those of Knight Grand Cross wear their collars on the following variable days:

Easter Sunday       Whit Sunday
Easter Monday Whit Monday
Easter Tuesday Whit Tuesday
Ascension Day Trinity Sunday

and on the following fixed days:

January 1st       New Year’s Day
January 6th       Twelfth Day
February 2nd       Candlemas Day
February 24th       St Matthias
March 1st       St David
March 17th       St Patrick
March 25th       Lady Day
April 23rd       St George
April 25th       St Mark
May 1st       St Philip and St James
May 29th       Restoration of the Royal Family
June 24th       St John the Baptist
June 29th       St Peter
July 25th       St James
August 24th       St Bartholomew
September 21st       St Matthew
September 29th       St Michael and All Angels
October 18th       St Luke
October 28th       St Simon and St Jude
November 1st       All Saints
November 30th       St Andrew
December 21st       St Thomas
December 25th       Christmas Day

They also wear their collars when due notification is given and when Her Majesty opens or prorogues Parliament and by those taking part in the Ceremony of an Introduction of a Peer in the House of Lords. They are not worn after sunset, nor when mounted on Ceremonial Parades, such as Trooping the Colour, unless directions to that effect are specially given. They should be worn over the shoulder straps or epaulettes of Uniform Coats, and also over aiguilettes, and fasted by White Satin Bows 1½ inches wide, the Collar hanging at equal distance back and front.

In the case of possessors of two or more Collars, only one should be worn at a time.

When the Collar (from which the Badge is suspended) is worn, the Riband with its Badge should not be worn, but it may be replaced by the Riband of another Order.