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The College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street

Godfrey, C.B.E., F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A., W.H., The College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street, 1963, The London Survey Committee — UL: S484.b.89.15 (Request and collect from West Room – Not borrowable)

History of the College of Arms until date of publication.

I Historical Account up to the Great Fire of 1666
II Rebuilding after the Great Fire, 1666–88
III History Subsequent to 1688
IV Architectural Description
V Furniture, Fittings, Records etc., including Pew and Memorials in St Benet’s Church, Paul’s Wharf
VI Officers of the College and their Predecessors in Office, with Biographies and Arms
VII Additional Officers
VIII Additional Names of Officers with Titles Unknown

Sections VII and VIII have been continued in Chesshyre and Ailes (1986) and Chesshyre and Ailes (2001).