Note from the C.U.H.&G.S. W.W.W. Officer:

The Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society is registered as a university society.

Links from the C.U.H.&.G.S. pages fall into one (or more) of four categories:
2.Semi-official – written by an individual in a private capacity;
3.Authoritative – written by someone deemed to be a de facto expert;
4.Major collections of potentially useful links (in addition these collections may or may not include useful information in their own right).

As most people who have spent even a short time looking at web sites know, there is at least another type of site:

5.Complete rubbish without any useful links.

As noted above, it is hoped that all of the sites listed in C.U.H.&G.S. pages fall into at least one of the first four categories and that none falls into the fifth.

If you find that any of the sites listed fall into category 5 (especially if connection to them seems to be breaking Computing Service regulations as regarding society web pages), e-mail the officers of the Society. They would also appreciate messages informing them of sites worth adding to C.U.H.&G.S. web pages should you find any worth including.

Note on the Background to this Page. The background shows a proctor wearing M.A. gown, M.A. hood, academical square cap and ruff. (For further details of the proctorial ruff see "The Dress of the Cambridge Proctors", J.H. Baker, Costume, No. 18 (1984), 86–97.) The proctors are the disciplinary officers of the University and two are elected each year – the Senior Proctor and the Junior Proctor. University societies fall within the remit of the Junior Proctor.

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