14th March 1990I3, Downing College
The Annual General Meeting
  1. Those Present:–
Toby Wilkinson
Paul Barber
Patrick Little
Barclay Lawrence
Thomas Knollys
Anthony Tomlinson
Eoghain Murphy
Craig Patrick Doyle
Nicholas Dent
Richard Marquis-Hirsch
  1. The Secretary's Reportappended.
  2. The Junior Treasurer's Reportappended.
  3. Matters Arising
    1. Secretary's Report: Dr. Wright pointed out that he had now been Senior Treasurer for 21 years, and this year has been more active for the Society than any he can remember.
    2. Junior Treasurer's Report: There was discussion on the desirability of trying to increase membership to cover the Society's running costs. Toby felt that the Society oughtn't to be much larger that it was at present. Dr. Wright thought it was more important to have a faifthful core of members. It was suggested that a "big name" (e.g. John Brooke-Little) be booked for the squash to attract people to come along and hopefully join on the spot.
  4. Next year's Subscription
    After some discussion it was decided, upon a vote, to put up membership to £5 for 1 year, or £10 for life.
  5. Elections to Committee & Officers for 1990/1991
    Toby explained that the election for President usually took place first, and it was normally expected that the serving Secretary would be nominated. However, due to his election as J.C.R. President, this year's Secretary would not be able to devote the time necessary to being President. Toby therefore proposed that Paul Barber be elected to the Committee with the status of an Officer of the Society. The Meeting approved this proposal.
    The remaining elections were then held:–
          Committee – Timothy Clarke, Jesus
          Junior Treasurer – Dr. Colin Mumford, Caius
          Secretary – Nicholas Dent, Trinity
          President – Anthony Tomlinson, St. John's

  6. Further Events
    The Accession Banquet would be held between 15th and 25th June, and will probably cost about the same amount as last year.

  7. Date of Next Committee Meeting
    This is to be decided at the beginning of the Easter Term.

  8. Any Other Business
    1. Toby notified the meeting of a letter received from Sir Colin Cole thanking the Society for the enjoyable time and wishing us well in our 50th year.
    2. Dr. Wright reminded members that Clare College is convenient and free for meetings, but can be booked up months in advance, so very long notice is required.
    3. Toby reported that Henry Paston-Bedingfeld has suggested late May for the Committee's annual trip to Oxburgh Hall, but that numbers are very limited this year.
    4. Patrick mentioned some problems he was having with outstanding monies from previous speaker–dinners, especially the final one of the Michaelmas Term.

  9. The 1990 Annual General Meeting of the Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society closed at 5:38 p.m.

Report & Statement of the Secretary 1989 - 1990

This year we have heard seven speakers on a variety of topics. In the Michaelmas term, we kicked off with a colourful slide show by York Herald on the Order of the Bath. Our star speaker for the next talk was none other than His Royal Highness The Prince Tomislav of Jugoslavia, who explained to us the origins of the Royal Families of Jugoslavia. We next encountered "The Flag Man", Cdr. Bruce Nicholls, who introduced us to a more liberal way of treating Heraldry, before rounding off the term with mulled wine and a talk by Portcullis Pursuivant on the medium of watercolour in heraldry. The Lent term contained talks by Derek Palgrave on single surname genealogy, and Dr. Peter Spufford on Private Heralds in the Middle Ages. The Society also arranged visits to the College of Arms and Guild Church of St. Bene't, and to the Society of Genealogists in London. The Mountbatten Commemorative Lecture was given by Beaumont Herald Extraordinary.

The 40th Annual Dinner was held in the Small Hall, Clare College. The Dinner was attended by many distinguished guests, including four members of the College of Arms, and our Patron, Archbishop Bruno Heim. The meal was a sumptuous affair, and finished with speeches by the Guest of Honour, Garter Principal King of Arms, and the President. The Patron gave the Apostolic Blessing before members departed with their guests at around midnight.

During his visit, the Patron made another very generous donation to the Society. The Society also gratefully received from one of its members, Barclay Lawrence, the gift of several books, and its first ever video tapes.

Finally, on behalf of the Society, I would like to thank the President, for his excellent organisation and attention to detail, and also for his ability to catch so many "big fish" for this year's events. As ever, the Society would like to thank our Senior Treasurer for his unfailing support in this, his twentieth year in the post, and thanks are also due to the Junior Treasurer for keeping the finances in good shape, and to Anthony Tomlinson for arranging the dining.

Paul Barker
P.E.S. Barber
Jesus College
14th March 1990

Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society
Junior Treasurer's Report 14-3-90

As the accounts and necessary documentation were passed to me at the start of the Michaelmas term, I am only able to report on the financial matters of the Michaelmas and Lent terms.

The Society is not in the best of health financially – only £4-61 was carried over from the Easter Term, and the present amount of £146-50 in credit is a reflection of generous donation rather than financial efficiency.

The main problem, as identified by previous Junior Treasurers in their annual reports, is that the running costs of the Society – Speaker + port expenses, and money spent on stationery and photocopying – are not covered by the membership fees. £136 came to the Society from new members this year, but this is a trifling amount compared with £290-32 spent on the basic functioning of the Society.

We must therefore be very grateful to Archbishop Heim, Cecil Humphery-Smith, York Herald and Mr. J. Waters for their kind and generous donations – but at the same time we must strive to recruit more new members to ensure the continuing health of the Society.

St. John's CollegePatrick Little
Jnr. Treasurer

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