Saint Polycarp, 1990
Friday, 23rd February, 39 Eliz. II
Thirkill Room,
Clare College,
8:45 p.m.
The Mountbatten Commemorative Lecture
F. Sedley Andrus, Esq.,
Beaumont Herald of Arms Extraordinary
Richard Marquis-Hirsch
C.J. Mumford
Patrick Little
Sedley Andrus
Andrew Senior
Jesse T. Sheidlower
Craig Patrick Doyle
Sarah Smart
Derek A. Palgrave
John Horton
Thomas Knollys

Anthony Tomlinson
Tim Clarke
Richard ?
Paul Barber
Nick Dent
David Smart
Eoghain L.M. Murphy
Barclay Lawrence
Toby Wilkinson
Gordon Wright

Beaumont Herald gave a talk on "The Work of the College of Arms" which drew extensively from his long experience as an officer of arms in ordinary. The evening was both interesting and informative, and contained many amusing anecdotes illustrating some of the more unusual problems encountered by Heralds.

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