Thursday, 13th October, 1988Small Hall, Clare College
9.00 p.m.
Patric Dickinson, Esq.,
Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of Arms
"Picturesque Pedigrees, Poets & Peasants"
Toby Wilkinson
D.P.E. Smart
D. Mark Collins
R. Buttenwick
Matthew Hammond
Gareth ?
Paul Fairchild
David J. Rodin MAGD
Alison Matthews
Annie Machan Girton
Anuschka de Rohan Newn.
Richard Youngs MAGD
Neil Panchen Magdalene
Dave ? Magdalene
Paul Barber
Richard Marquis Hirsch K
John Brimacombe Trinity
Gordon Wright (
still Senior Treasurer)
Helen Purehase Peterhouse
William Gulinford Selwyn
S.S. Oliver Magdalene
J.C. Horton
David Babington-Smith
Michael H. Davies
Diana Ogilvy
Ross Clark (Trinity Hall)
P.J.S. Little

The speaker, President, committee and honoured guests were dined in considerable style in the President's rooms in Trinity, the five-course meal prepared and cooked by Alastair Endersby, Esq., of Corpus Christi College; he was rewarded for his services with an honorary life membership of the Society.

The Secretary and his predecessor left dinner early in order to meet those attending the meeting at Small Hall, Clare. Around 15 new faces attended, the meeting also serving as the Society's "squash". All those present were entertained with port until the remainder of the diners had arrived.

Patric Dickinson gave a most witty, informative and revealing talk about some of the more unexpected and amusing ancestors or relations that may be discovered, both for famous people and for ordinary folk, with some careful research. He showed, for isntance, how a customs official is one of the lesser-known ancestors of the Duchess of York! Dispensing with the title's allusion to poets and peasants early in his talk, Rouge Dragon held the audience fascinated with his "picturesque pedigrees". In an evening of startling revelations about relationships, perhaps the most amazing was that the speaker was related, albeit by marriage, to the Society President, David Baington-Smith!

After the talk, those attending a Society meeting for the first time were invited to join. Ten did so – with, disappointingly only 1 new life member – making eleven new members in total joined since the start of Michaelmas Term 1988.

All present were invited back to the President's Rooms after the talk for cheese & biscuits and port or Madeira. Members took the opportunity to chat more informally to the speaker, officers and committee, and to ask various questions about the Society.

When members had left, coffee was served to the speaker, President and officers, and the evening ended at about 1.30 a.m. when Rouge Dragon was taken to his guest room.

All in all, a most successful and enjoyable start to the new Academic Year.

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