Tuesday, 7th June, 1988Peterhouse Deer Park
10 a.m.
The Annual Garden Party
Hallard Croft
Rowan I. Morton-Gledhill
Stephen Derry
John Horton
R. Stephens
Michael H. Davies
Richard Marquis Hirsch
Toby A.H. Wilkinson
Patrick Little
Helen Dignum
John Brimacombe
Thomas Knollys

On what proved to be the hottest day of term, guests gathered in Peterhouse Deer Park for a sumptuous breakfast of sparkling white wine, hot croissants, sausage rolls, fruit, strawberries and cream. After a cloudy start to the morning, the sky cleared and brilliant sunshine was enjoyed by all present.

The photographs of the Annual Dinner, which had arrived the same morning, unfortunately had to be returned to Eaden Lilley because of a mistake in the list of names below each photograph. It was hoped that the corrected photographs would be distributed to members before the end of the Easter Term.

After a very pleasant Garden Party, members took their leave of each other at about midday.

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