Monday, 2nd May, 198856 (2) Grange Road
4.00 p.m.
Special General Meeting
  1. Those present:
    Toby Wilkinson
    Andrew Senior
    Richard Marquis-Hirsch
    Patrick Little
    John Horton
    D. Mark Collins
    David Babington-Smith
  2. see note at the end of the S.G.M. minutes.
  3. The meeting was called to discuss possible constitutional changes, particularly regarding the rights of members of C.C.A.T. (Cambridgeshire College of Art and Technology) to join, and serve on the committee of the society.
    However, after examining the constitution, the President-elect concluded that no amendment was necessary, as the constitution already provided for membership of people who are not members of the University. Furthermore, the committee may co-opt members of the society to serve on the committee, and this includes members who are not members of the University. It was therefore decided that on this subject, there should be no constitutional change. The decision was carried unanimously.

    The following constitutional amemdments were proposed and carried unanimously:

    1. Clause 12 – the abolishment of the 2-year membership option, leaving only 1-year and life membership of the society as the alternatives to members.
    2. Clause 4 – the deletion of the second comma on line 1 of clause 4, to clarify the qualifications needed from the Patron and Vice President(s) of the Society.
    3. Clause 13 – the addition at the end of clause 13 of the words:
      "and/or subscribe to the journals of such bodies".

The meeting was formally concluded.

  1. The President-elect called to the attention of those present that nowhere in the Society's records was Henry Paston-Bedingfeld's position as Honorary Vice-President of the Society officially recorded. The opportunity was taken to reaffirm Mr. Paston-Bedingfeld's Honorary Vice-Presidency. Those present reaffirmed this unanimously.

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