Friday, 4th March, 1988Small Hall, Clare College
8.00 p.m.
The Annual Dinner
Guest of Honour: Rouge Dragon Pursuivant

Guests arrived at about 7.30 p.m. and were able to meet each other over drinks in the Godwin Room. In the Small Hall, photographs were taken before the dinner began. After the delicious meal, the Secretary proposed the Loyal Toast and called upon the Guest of Honour, Patric Dickinson, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant, to speak. We heard of Rouge Dragon's lighter moments at the College of Arms and some of the bizarre requests for achievements which he occasionally receives. The President also addressed the guests and thanked them and Rouge Dragon for attending. The dinner continued over port and cigars until after midnight. Archbishop Heim, the guest of MR & MRS Humphery-Smith, once again provided a most generous gift for the Society.


Spinach and Potato Soup
St. Véran, 1983

Trout Almondine

Vosne Romanée, 1976
Roast Duck Bigarrade
Duchesse Potatoes

Château Le Mayne, 1979
Crème Brûlée with Fresh Fruit

Fonseca 1966
Cheese and Biscuits

Seating Plan

Mark R. Smith

Jeffrey Somerton

Anne Tully

Paul A. Fox

Mrs P.K. Wright

Dr G.H. Wright

Sarah Fogden

Nigel P. Milbank

Andrew Senior

Alice Humphery-Smith

Michael H. Davies

Cecil Humphery-Smith

Helen Dignum

Toby A.H. Wilkinson

Thomas E. Knollys

Mark Nash-Williams

Patrick Little

Charmian E.L. Leaver

Gernot Biehler

Francesca Frank

David V. White

David P.E. Smart

Catriona McKay

Dr John C. Horton

Mrs Paston-Bedingfeld

Ross J. Clark

John M. Brimacombe

Henry Paston-Bedingfeld

Justin Nolan

D. Mark CollinsArchbishop
Bruno B. Heim
James E.V. SergeantPatric DickinsonDavid Babington-Smith

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