Friday, 27th November, 1987Clare College
8.30 p.m.
Nicholas Rogers, Esq.
Former President
Heraldic Stained Glass in American Collections
James Sergeant
Philippa Wright
Gordon Wright
Laurence Smith
Robert Pigott
Stephen Oliver
Eirwen Read
Nicholas Rogers
Mark Collins
Lynda Dennison
Richard Marquis-Hirsch
James A. Davies
John Horton
John Beale
John Brimacombe
Paul A. Fox
David Babington-Smith

After dinner in ST John's we heard Nicholas give a fascinating talk on English heraldic glass which is now in America. Much glass went over after the demolition of country houses at the Depression. Some lies in dusty museums, other pieces in the great collections of Randolph Hirst and Edsell Ford. Mostly 16th century glass went to America but some were fakes and are still confusing those untutored in stained glass. Some panels have been added to for heightened dynastic effects such as the Victorian ducal coronets over some non-ducal coats-of-arms. At Edsell Ford's collection on Lake Sinclair the windows are housed in a similar way to the originals but there is still much identification to be done. In the 18th century taste moved from heraldic glass onto furniture, fireplaces & silver.

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