Thursday, 19th November, 1987
London Visit

This afternoon visit to London began at the Royal Academy at 4.00 p.m. and the Age of Chivalry exhibition. The exhibits were taken from the Plantagenet periodand included many examples of early heraldry on tombs, manuscripts, stonework and even some earthenware floortiles. The superb exhibition took the members through the reigns of five kings from Henry III to Richard II and displayed images of royal ceremonies and regalia such as a crown and sceptre from the 13th Century. From the R.A. we went to the College of Arms where Rouge Croix had kindly agreed to show us around. We were shown examples of grants and entitlements to arms including three of the Royal Family. The Visitation of 1530–86 was undertaken to check coats of arms and there are many examples from several counties including Cambridge; they are not official but are useful for pedigrees. About two hundred grants are made each year and ordinaries are the rules for forming shields including a recent application showing a keyboard and gold besants or discs for Elton John!

D.M. Collins
James Sergeant
John Beale
Toby A.H. Wilkinson
John Horton
David Babington Smith

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