Wednesday, 4th November, 1987Clare College
8.30 p.m.
Jeremy Gibson, Esq.
"Publishing for Family Historians"
D.M. Collins
P.A. Fox
Gordon Wright
Philippa Wright
Robin Millerchip
Toby A.H. Wilkinson
Richard Marquis-Hirsch
Jeremy Gibson, Esq.
David Babington Smith
John Horton
Helen Dignum
J.E.P. Beale
P.J.S. Little
Thomas Knollys
Andrew Robinson
Michael Davies
James Sergeant

Jeremy Gibson gave the Society a very thorough and practical guide on how to initiate a family tree, illustrating each point of information by showing us a McLaughlin Guide available from the Federation of Family History Societies. We were informed that gravestones and aunts were good starting points and that the census records were of great help together with newspapers and wills to find when a relative died. We were warned that our names may not always have been spelt consistently throughout the past, and that an open mind should be kept whilst examining parish registers and Bishop's Transcripts. The Mormons have kept a record of baptisms and marriages but not so many burial dates because they do not need this information to baptize their ancestors. These records are on microfilm in a number of places through the country, together with many of the other national records.

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