Friday, 30th October, 1987Clare College
8.30 p.m.
DR Peter Spufford (unable to attend)
Discussion on aspects of Heraldry and Genealogy
D. Mark Collins
James Sergeant
Michael Davies
Helen Dignum
Julian Copeman
Stephen Oliver
Toby Wilkinson
Thomas Knollys
Andrew Senior
Richard Marquis-Hirsch, M.A., Ph.D., F.E.S.U.
John Horton
John Beale
Jim Paton
David Babington-Smith
James A. Davies

In the absence of DR Spufford, an informal discussion was led by James with a short account of last night's presentation of Letters Patent to ST Edmund's College. DR Marquis-Hirsch continued with some general remarks concerning the research of family trees. Members commented on their own families' history and on their arms. DR Marquis-Hirsch suggested that if members were in London, a visit to David Howard's Heraldry Shop off Berkley Street and Piccadilly would be worthwhile. In his shop, MR Howard sells memorabilia of most English families or has knowledge of their arms, etc. Shields, silverware and even buttons are available. The evening was most pleasant, interesting and informative.

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