Wednesday, 25th February 1987
Anniversary of the death of Sir Christopher Wren
Clare College
8.30 p.m.
DR Brian Kemp
(University of Reading)
"English Church Monuments"
S.L. Fogden
Richard Marquis-Hirsch
David Babington-Smith
Andrew Robinson
Barbara Calcutt
Paul Rayner
Philippa Wright
Gordon Wright
Brian R. Kemp
James Sergeant
D. Mark Collins
Paul A. Fox
Mark D. Myers

The Committee and DR Kemp dined in Hall at ST John's. DR Kemp began by introducing the historical interest of funerary monuments – the depiction of social status, the display of wealth as well as their important contribution to British sculpture. The Speaker demonstrated that all architectural styles are displayed in the monuments whilst different portrayals of the figure have given the sculptor variety of expression. After the celebration of the family in Elizabethan monuments and the flamboyant demonstration of the self in the Baroque period, the moderation of the late eighteenth century was followed by the romantic naturalism of the nineteenth. Excellent slides of Victorian sentimentality & gruesome "Momenti Mori" closed the lecture.

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