Magdalene College
3.30 p.m.
  1. Those present: the President, the Secretary, the Senior Treasurer, the Junior Treasurer, Miss Virginia Sperryn. The meeting was therefore quorate.

  2. The Secretary's Report – attached.

  3. The Junior Treasurer's Report – attached.

  4. Matters arising from these.
    1. Concern was expressed at the lack of new members.
    2. Concern was expressed at the financial situation. Suggestions to improve this included:
      1. No Society ties to be given away in future.
      2. We should not expect large donations from benfactors.
      3. Speakers should perhaps not be dined in Caius as this is far more expensive.
      4. The present format should be retained for programme cards but it was recommended that future presidents should investigate to find the cheapest places for printing these.
    3. Suggestions for improving both the membership and the financial situation included:
      1. A stall should be held at the Societies' fair, as usual.
      2. The squash should be held before lectures, and before freshers have decided they are joining too many societies!
      3. Duplicated leaflets should be available at the Societies' Fair.
      4. Posters should be put up in colleges.
      5. A witty speaker should be chosen for the first meeting.
    4. Other points:
      1. Programme cards should be sent to Vice Presidents and Honorary Members.
      2. Henry Paston-Bedingfeld has offered to talk about pub signs, and also to show us round the College of Arms. It was suggested that this should be followed up.

  1. Next year's committee:
President: Miss Charmian Leaver (Newnham)
Secreatry: James Sergeant, esq, (St. John's)
Jun. Treasurer: Mark Collins, esq. (Peterhouse)
Committee: Paul Fox, esq (Gobville & Caius)
                  John Horton, esq (Churchill)

  1. Membership fees remain the same.

  2. The Garden Party will be a breakfast, as last year, and will be held at Jesus Cricket Pavilion some time in May Week. Further details will be arranged by the President.

Charmian Leaver

Report and Statement of the Secretary for the Academic Year 1985-1986

Mr President, Honourable Members,

It has been another most enjoyable and interesting year for the Heraldic and Genealogical Society, especially for those members with a particular interest in heraldry. Over the past two terms we have had a total of seven meetings concerned with various aspects of this subject, ranging from Philip Gooderson's talk on Cambridge Heraldry to Philip Whittome's talk on Japanese Heraldry. Attendance at the meetings was fairly consistent, if a bit low: possibly not all members have heard that the custom of consuming port during the talks has been revived.

The Annual Dinner was also a most successful occasion: we were pleased to welcome Mgr. Gilbey as guest of honour, Mr and Mrs Cecil Humphery-Smith, and Mrs Elizabeth Kenwright, as well as a number of former committee members. On this occasion two new books were presented to the Society's library, having been sent by Archbishop Bruno Heim.

New books were outnumbered several times over by new members. Eleven of these were enrolled: however, as several of these were never seen again we might do well to consider whether we could do more to sustain their interest. We now have a total of thirty members, which includes twenty-two students of the University. This is approximately equal to last year's total.

On behalf of the Society, I would like to thank the President for organising this year's programme, and for continuing to head the Society despite a mounting workload, I would also like to thank the Senior Treasurer for his support and unflappability in the face of at least one last minute request for the committee to dine in Clare, and the Junior Treasurer for the care with which he has looked after the sherry.

Charmian Leaver
Charmian Leaver
Newnham College
14 March 1986

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