Small Hall, Clare College
8 p.m.

Sherry was served in the Thirkill Room from 7.30 onwards, as the guests began to arrive. During this period many old friendships were renewed and new introductions performed. At 8 p.m. we all walked across the court and into the Small Hall, where the festivities were to take place. A superb meal was enjoyed by all, accompanied by a wide variety of wines and ports.

After the meal the Loyal Toast was proposed and drunk. The President then seized the opportunity to recount to us how he had been coerced into joining the Society by the then President, Paul Fox, after a chance meeting in one of the Cambridge churches – and how he had "signed away my life – and my First" by agreeing at the previous Annual Dinner to take on the Presidency. Continuing the autobiographical theme, the Guest of Honour, Monsignor Gilbey, told us of his first visit to the College of Arms, and of his discovery that heraldry was not something one went into on purpose but by accident. He concluded by urging us to be alert and observant and to make the most of our opportunities. Cecil Humphery-Smith then spoke, passing on the greetings of our Patron, and also presenting the Society with two new books which the Patron had sent. These were duly passed round the table and much admired by all.

After the speeches, there was time for conversation over the last of the port, with people moving from seat to seat around the table to greet old friends. This continued with great jollity late into the evening, until the Clare staff came to clear the hall.

Charmian Leaver

Dry Sherry
Comsommé Celestin, Smoked Mackerel and Gooseberry Sauce

Riesling, De Ribeauville 1984
Roast Venison in Burgundy Sauce and Sauté Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, and Carrots Vichy

Côte Rotie 1973
Charlotte Russe

Chateau Suau 1975

Smith Woodhouse '74
Coffee and Petit Fours

Seating Plan for the Annual Dinner of 7th March 1986 in the Small Hall, Clare.
Mr Mark D. Myers
Mr Nigel P. Milbank, B.A.
Ex Committee (St. John's)
Mr Mark Nash-Williams
Committee (Trinity Hall)
Mr Mark R. Smith, B.A.
Mr Jeffrey G.J. Somerton, B.A.
Committee (Caius)
Mr Paul A. Fox, B.A.
Ex President (Caius)
Mrs Elizabeth Kenwright
Mr Cecil R. Humphery-Smith
Hon. Vice-President
Mr Andrew D. Scott
Jr. Treasurer (Robinson)
Mr Nicholas Cox
President (Magdalene)
Miss Charmian E. Leaver
Secretary (Newnham)
The Rev. Mgr. A.N. Gilbey, M.A.
Ex Vice-President (Trinity)
Dr Gordon H. Wright M.D.
Sr. Treasurer (Clare)
Mr Philip Whittome
Ex President (Downing)
Miss Sharon M. Jones
(Mr Whittome's Guest)
Mrs Alice Humphery-SmithMr John Horton
Mr Mark Collins
Mrs Philippa Wright)
Mr Simon O'Keefe

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