Small Hall, Clare College
8.30 p.m.
Charmian Leaver
Andrew Scott
Tracey J. Earl
Gordon Wright
Elizabeth Moralee
S.T. Moore
James Sergeant
Simon O'Keefe
Ginny Sperringham
Michael Wolton
P.N. Whittome
John Horton
Paul A. Fox
D.M. Collins
David Smart
Alan Walker
Nick Cox
Philip Gooderson

Mr Gooderson dined in Hall at Clare with the President, the Senior Treasurer, the Secretary and the Junior Treasurer. The meal was remarkable for being served almost entirely by witches: a number of other dubious characters were dotted around the room and there were Hallowe'en lanterns on all the tables. The meeting itself began slightly late owing to the latter courses taking rather a long time to appear.

Mr Gooderson began his talk by mentioning the newly available "Cambridge Armorial"; a couple of slides featured the late Mr. C.W. Scott-Giles who made such a contribution to it. After this, despite a somewhat uncooperative slide-projector, we were shown a great range of slides, mostly of the arms of the different colleges, and heard a number of interesting facts about their origin. We were told how Robert Cooke, Clarenceux King of Arms in 1575, was resposible for many of the distinctive features of Cambridge heraldry, including the fact that the arms of Cambridge colleges are usually differenced from those of their founders while Oxford colleges generally bear undifferenced arms. Particular attention was paid to the supporters of the arms, which range from angels (at Selwyn) to yales (at Christ's): apparently a yale is an animal with two flexible horns, which allows only one to used at a time, the other being kept in reserve.

After this most interesting talk non-members were invited to join the Society and seven new members were enrolled.

Charmian Leaver

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