Friday 22nd February
Eve of Polycard, Bishop of Smyrna, Martyr
Small Hall, Clare 8.00 p.m.
Guest of Honour, J.P. Brooke-Little, Esq.,
Norroy and Ulster King of Arms

After a slight delay, sherry was served in The Thirkill Room, Clare from 7.30 p.m. A photograph was taken of the officers of the Society in F4, Clare. The Society's founder Mr Anthony de Cussins Cussins also sat for the photograph. Before the meal was served in Small Hall another photograph was taken, this time of everyone in attendance. The meal – selected meticulously by the Committee – was superby done and heartily consumed. We are grateful to the President for securing a fine and ample selection of wines and port.

The Loyal Toast was proposed by the Junior Treasurer. Before introducing the Guest of Honour the President made a brief speech. He also took the opportunity to remind members and guets that the Society Tie is once again available for those who haven't yet got one or for those who've got one but would like another! The Guest of Honour, Mr Brooke-Little started off his speech by telling us the steps involved in obtaining a grant of arms. Not just anyone can obtain a grant of arms we were told; one must show that he is worthy of such a thing. Mr Brooke-Little then made an appeal on behalf of the College of Arms for donations to help defray the expense of recent improvements made at the College of Arms. Mr Humphery-Smith made a brief speech lauding the efforts of our Senior Treasurer, Dr Wright in seeing to it that Cambridge Armorial finally completed and published. Mr Humphery-Smith then proposed a toast to Dr Wright. Dr Wright then gave us a brief history of the five silver candlesticks decorating the table which had been given to Clare College.

After Dinner, our Patron H.E. Archbishop Bruno B. Heim had to return to London but before doing so left us with a box of pens with his signature and crest upon them as well as some cards with the arms of Earl Mountbatten. As last year, people began slowly to leave as the last drop of port had been drunk.

R.B. Pinkham

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