K. Lovell, Esq.: Heraldic Embroidery – Armorial Table Carpets
5th February 1982F4, Clare College
J.E.L. Munday
Sarah R-G-Braddyll
Andrew Gough
David V. White
C.L. Marsden
Keith Lovell

After a late start, Mr Lovell talked about armorial table carpets to a disappointingly small audience. Using two projectors he showed that there were only six such carpets left in the world. The most impressive one was in the Burrell Collection in Glasgow which was made for the Luttrels of Dunster. Another was in the Metropolitan Museum in New York but they were loath to send slides. Mr Lovell suggested that it depicted hatchments although it had been made 100 years before the earliest known church hatchment.

Following questions the meeting closed at 10.45 p.m.

J.E.L. Munday

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