The Mountbatten Commemorative Lecture
Michael Maclagan, Richmond Herald: Arthurian Heraldry
26th January 1982F4 Clare College
Colin Hayter
Timothy Cockerill
Robert Ashley Folkes
Gregory K. Cameron
Henry Everett
Gordon Wright
R.F. Brown
J. Turner
Alan Turner
Sarah Richmond-Gale-Braddyll
Chloƫ Cockerill
Andrew Gough
J.E.L. Munday
Michael Maclagan

The meeting opened just at 8.30, no absences, illnesses or accidents interceding. Mr Maclagan gave a most scholarly and entertaining talk which was copiously illustrated with slides, overcoming the technological incompetence of the Secretary who was in charge of the projector. Mr Maclagan ranged widely over the Arthurian legends and their sources, the heraldry attributed to the Arthurian Court and other putative blazons such as those of the Nine Worthies. The meeting closed at 10 p.m. after a most illuminating evening.


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