L. Pierson, Esq.: The Heraldry of our Real Money
15th January 1982F4 Clare College
J.E.L. Munday
C. Hayter
R.F. Brown
Jane M. Marjoram
Andrew Gough
Andrew Facey
Henry Everett
L.G. Pierson

The meeting opened just after 8.45 p.m., in the regretted absence of the Senior Treasurer; nevertheless the meeting proceeded without incident. The lecture was divided into two parts, and Mr Pierson thus showed us the general development of money, and the evolution of English coinage, up to the black day of decimalisation. The lecture was copiously illustrated with slides, and one in particular attracted attention; a photograph of the title page of the Act of Parliament introducing decimal currency, dated 1968, and thus proving beyond reasonable doubt that this wicked measure was not, as previously supposed, part of the notorious Heatho-Walkerian reforms, but merely an exemplary piece of socialist trickery.

Henry Everett

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