E. Meeting the Eleventh
Friday 8th March
One Bell of the First Watch
F4, Clare College


D.S. Spufford, Esq.
"Chinese Armorial Porcelain"

Twelve persons were present to hear Mr Howard speak for eighty minutes.

The lecture was accompanied by over ninety slides, of great merit; even so, three thousant nine hundred remained unused. After describing different types of porcelain, he went on to discuss the heraldic content, and mentioned many gross and ghastly errors which the Chinese craftsmen, ignorant of the English tongue and heraldry, involuntarily committed; in many cases, indeed, great powers of detection are required in order to identify the bearer of the arms. Also, there was mention of genealogy, in so far as the porcelain leads one to consider the history of the individuals whose arms were used, and the trading companies which brought the objects back to this glorious lands, in the eighteenth century.

After the talk, which was as faultless as were the Greek warriors as they marched along the banks of the deep-eddying Scamander against the well-wrought city of the Trojans, markedly few questions were asked.

The President proposed the Vote of Thanks, and the meeting closed at six bells of the same.

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