A. Meeting the Seventh
Thursday 24th January
The Eve of the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul
One Bell of the First Watch
F4, Clare College


Miss M. Forsyth, A.R.C.A., F.M.G.P.
"Making Heraldic Windows"

Four members and guests dined with the Speaker prior to the meeting, at the University Centre.

In the absence of the President, the Secretary ventured to promote himself to the rank of Acting Rear-President, and welcomed the audience of sixteen worthy persons.

Miss Forsyth described not only the making of glass windows, but also the history of this ancient craft. This exceedingly interesting lecture was increased further in its excellence by a large number of slides, and also by several cartoons, and a number of pieces of glass and lead; these things, moreover, caused the less skilful and artistic members to recognize the difficulties involved in making such things.

Questions having been asked and answered during and after the talk, the Secretary proposed the Vote of Thanks. The meeting closed at five bells of the same.

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