F. Meeting the Sixth
Friday 30th November
The Feast of Saint Andrew
One Bell of the First Watch
F4, Clare College


J. Riley-Smith, Esq., Ph.D., M.A.
"A Thirteenth Century Crusader: Geoffrey of Sargines"

An audience of thirteen human beings was welcomed by the President.

Dr Riley-Smith gave an exceedingly studious description of both the achievements and the character of Geoffrey of Sargines, "un homme Fran├žais", who lived from approximately 1215 to 1269. He was a subject of St Louis, and was captain of the French forces in the East, ruling the kingdom of Jerusalem, as Regent and Lieutenant, almost continuously from 1259 to 1267.

The man was famous during his life, but fell into obscurity, so to speak, soon after his death. Dr Riley-Smith, however, did much to bring him out of this undeserved state, in such manner as rosy-fingered Dawn lights up the earth as first she raises her saffron robe from the streams of Ocean.

It was widely agreed that this meeting was among the most interesting that had been delivered for a considerable time, even though one may have been embarrassed slightly by music intruding from a lower room.

The Secretary proposed the Vote of Thanks and uttered two brief notices. The meeting was closed at four bells of the same watch.

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