E. Meeting the Fifth
Friday 16th November
Members' Meeting
The Eve of the Feast of St Hugh
One Bell of the First Watch
27, South Court, Emmanuel College


The nine members present partook of refreshments in the form of wine and cheese. After some discussion of the wedding (that had taken place two days earlier) of Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, the true business of the meeting began.

Christopher J. Bailey, of Magdalene College, spoke on "Ships' Crests of the Royal Navy"; he, aided by a large number of illustrations, produced a full description of the subject, so full, forsooth, that mention was also made of the navies of such lands as Australia and Pakistan.

The President himself showed slides, accompanied by a most adequate commentary, of the Society's visit on October 12 1972 to King's College Chapel. The Society's successes on that day can, he said, justly be compared with the voyages of Columbus. Some of his slides (which included such distant places as the city of New York and the White House in Washington: fortunately, perhaps, however, indeed, the so-called Watergate Affair was not mentioned) drew cries of admiration from his audience.

The meeting closed at four bells of the same.

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