D. Meeting the Fourth
Friday 2nd November
The Feast of All Souls
1 Bell of the First Watch
F4, Clare College


C.R. Humphery-Smith, Esq., B.Sc., F.H.S.
"Anglo-Norman Armory"
"Sat patriae Priamoque datum" [Vergil Aeneid II v 290]

Prior to the meeting, Mr Humphery-Smith discussed the "Cambridge Armorial" with five members of the Society. A version of the cover of the book was brought; it was agreed to make slight changes in parts of it. The publishers had been embarrassed by rising costs: a new price of £1-10-0 was accepted; it was hoped that it would be published in the early summer of 1974.

Three members dined with the speaker and his guests, at the University Arms Hotel.

For the meeting itself, an audience of twenty members and guests appeared. Mr Humphery-Smith proceeded to destroy, with sadness and many varied arguments, and with indeed such thoroughness as that with which the Greeks destroyed the city of Priam, any belief in the existence of a traditional English heraldry, as opposed to Norman. Also, he showed the similarity between Anglo-Norman and Franco-Norman arms. Both of these arguments were well supported by the slides that he brought.

The Secretary, at the cessation of questions, proposed the Vote of Thanks, and gave out notices, the meeting closed at five bells of the same.

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