C. Meeting the Third
Saturday 27th October
1330 (B.S.T.)
The Eve of the Feast of St Simon and St Jude
3 Bells of the Afternoon Watch
The Site of the Abbey at Bury St Edmunds, West Suffolk

Thirteen members, having assembled at the back gate of King's College, were transported to the city of Bury St Edmunds in four motor-cars, operated with excellence by Mr Mellor, Mrs Mellor, Dr Wright, and Philip Gooderson (ex-president).

First, the Cathedral Church of St James was entered and examined; much heraldry was easily visible. The party gazed in awe as Mr Mellor indicated that part of the woodwork which he himself had restored, the original having been damaged by fire.

One proceeded thence, by way of the remains of the charnel-house to the Church of St Mary, which was, perhaps, superior even to the Cathedral.

After consuming a fair tea, it was intended to inspect the ruins of the abbey, and especially the High Altar; sadly, however, entry was not permitted, and although some considered leaping over the barbed wire in the manner of a frog, the meeting was declared closed shortly after two bells of the First Dog Watch.

And, returning to Cambridge (formerly Cantabrigia) by the same means in which it had departed, the expedition arrived a little before five bells of the Second Dog Watch.

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