B. Meeting the Second
Thursday 11th October
2030 (B.S.T.)
Lecture and Open Meeting
1 Bell of the First Watch
F4 Clare College
P.Ll. Gwynn-Jones, Esq., M.A., Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms
"Diverging Trends in Heraldry and Zoology"

Six members dined with the visiting speaker at the University Centre.

Mr Bluemantle gave a speech, to an audience of twenty-two, on this most interesting subject. He discussed the four different sources from which the animals of heraldry are drawn (videlicet, the real beast, the mediaeval bestiaries, the Renaissance representations, and a stylized form of the object), the origins and developments of the animals and monsters, those animals (such as the armadillo) which have not yet, sad though it may be, appeared in heraldry, and the difficulties of distinguishing in blazon between the heraldic beast, the real beast and anything between the two.

The oration lasted for about seventy minutes, and was much enjoyed by all. A lengthy stream of questions followed, until dammed by the President, who thanked the speaker, and gave out several notices.

Five of the non-members present joined the Society, and the meeting closed at five bells of the same.

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