Candidates for Committee, 2011-2012

PresidentPippa Morton (CAI)Marius JøhndalGellért Bokor
Senior TreasurerGordon Wright (CL & K)Pippa MortonMarius Jøhndal
Junior TreasurerEvelyn Brockmann (NH)Marius JøhndalPippa Morton
SecretaryCharles Sturge (K)Pippa MortonEvelyn Brockmann
CommitteeGellért Boker (SID)Evelyn BrockmannCharles Sturge
CommitteeSimone Chung (TH)Gellért BokorMarius Jøhndal
CommitteeMarius Jøhndal (TH)Evelyn BrockmannPippa Morton
ScrutineerTom West (T)Charles SturgeEvelyn Brockmann

All the above have signified their consent to standing in this election.

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