Society Scarves and Ties

Scarves and ties can be bought at meetings or by contacting one of the officers.

Scarf No. 1

The first Society scarf was designed by the then Junior Treasurer, Mlle I. Dubois in 1994. The initial stock was sold and a second batch ordered about ten years later.

Society Scarf No. 1

The colours are those of arms of the University except that sable has been replaced by purpure in recognition of the Society’s then Patron.

The widths of the stripes are:– scarlet: 21/8“; yellow: 11/4”; purple: 3/8“; white: 21/4”; purple: 3/8“; yellow: 11/4”; scarlet: 21/8“.

Scarf No. 2

A second scarf was devised in 2009 by Mr D. Broomfield. On one side it is black with two yellow–red–yellow stripes (of widths 3/4”, 1" and 3/4“ respectively); at one end is an embroidery showing the Society’s arms. The other side is plain black.

Society Scarf No. 2

Scarves can be bought at meetings or by contacting one of the officers.


Society Ties

The Society tie shows the heraldic design (technically a fur) called pean – yellow ermine spots on black.

Besides being appropriate for a heraldry society, it is particularly suitable for a Cambridge University society since its pattern brings to mind the ermine (i.e. black ermine spots on white) cross of the university’s coat of arms and also, as a fur, the fur used for the hoods of bachelors.

The tie was designed in 1958 by the then Junior Treasurer, Dr J. Bell of Magdalene College.