Constitution of the Cambridge University Heraldic & Genealogical Society

As accepted at the Annual General Meeting of May 12th, 2001 and superseded by the constitution accepted at an Extraordinary General Meeting of March 7th, 2002

1. Name2. Objects3. Affiliation4. Membership5. Administration6. General Meetings7. Amendments to this Constitution8. Finance9. Trustees10. Data Protection Act, 199811. Availability of the Constitution12. Dissolution

Schedule 1. The Data Protection PrinciplesSchedule 2

1. Name

The name of the Society shall be The Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society.

2. Objects

The objects of the Society shall be:–

3. Affiliation

This Society shall be a member of the Federation of Family History Societies and have the power to associate with other organisations which have compatible and mutually supportive objects.

4. Membership

5. Administration

6. General Meetings

7. Amendments to this Constitution

The Constitution may be amended only at an A.G.M. or an E.G.M. provided the appropriate notice has been given. Amendments are only valid if supported by two thirds majority of those present.

8. Finance

9. Trustees

The Executive Committee may appoint not less than three people to hold property in trust for the Society.

10. Data Protection Act, 1998

Personal details relating to members of the Society, whether in manual or computer form, shall only be held or processed by the Society, or on its behalf, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 1998. The eight Data Protection Principles of the Act are contained in Schedule 1 of this Constitution. The application form for membership of the Society shall contain a consent form for these purposes; the form shall be subject to the approval of a General Meeting and be displayed in Schedule 2 of this Consitution.

11. Availablility of the Constitution

Any member of the Society shall be entitled to a copy of the current Constitution of the Society upon application to the Executive Committee.

12. Dissolution

The Society may be dissolved only at an A.G.M. or an E.G.M., called for the purpose, by a resolution supported by three quarters of those present including post. The resolution must specify the disposal of the Society’s collections and other assets after debts and liabilities have been settled. This may involve their transfer to an appropriate organisation or institution with objects compatible with those of the Society.

Schedule 1. The Data Protection Principles

Personal data must be processed following these principles so that data are::
  1. Processed fairly and lawfully and only if certain conditions are met;
  2. Obtained for specified and lawful purposes;
  3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive;
  4. Accurate and where necessary kept up-to-date;
  5. Not to be kept for longer than necessary;
  6. Processed in accordance with the subject’s rights;
  7. Kept secure;
  8. Not transferred abroad without adequate protection.

Schedule 2

“Please note the details that you have provided on this form will be held on a computer system and may be held in a manual filing system. These data will be processed by the Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society (C.U.H.&G.S.).

"If you wish to obtain a copy of the data processed, a description of the purposes for which it is being processed, a description of any potential recipients of the data, or any information as to the source of the data, please contact the current C.U.H.&G.S. Secretary. Please note that the C.U.H.&G.S. is entitled to charge a statutory fee not exceeding £5.00 for the provision of this information.

"Please sign below to confirm your consent to your personal data be held, processed and used in the manner set out above and as necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the C.U.H.&G.S.”