University of Nottingham

Nottingham The arms of the University of Nottingham (founded 1948) granted to University College, Nottingham in 1904 and confirmed in 1948.

The blazon is:

“Barry wavy of six argent and azure, a cross moline gules; on a chief of the last an open book proper clasped or inscribed with the words ‘Quaerenti Ostium’ in Roman characters sable between two domed towers also proper, that to the dexter ensigned with an increscent of the first and that to the sinister with an estoile also or.”

The blazon means:

The shield has six horizontal lines (barry) alternatively white (argent) and blue (azure) and which are wavy. On them is a red (gules) cross of which the arms don’t reach the edge of the shield but which are flared in a certain conventional manner (moline). Above the main part of the shield is a red (gules) horizontal stripe (chief) on which are a book showing the words Quaerenti ostium between two capped towers in their natural colours (proper); above the right (dexter) [to someone standing behind the shield] one is a white (argent) crescent and the above the left is a yellow (or) star with six rays.