The Escutcheon

Volume 8

Number 1 – Michaelmas Term, 2002

Society Visit to the College of Arms

Derek Palgrave

Through the good offices of David White, Rouge Croix, one of the Society's Vice-Presidents, a small party from CUHAGS was privileged to visit the College of Arms on 16th November, 2002. We were particularly fortunate in that our visit coincided with the exhibition of Crests of Knights of the Garter which can be seen on the right hand side of Lester Hillman's photograph reproduced here.

From left to right: Pat Morrow, Berthold Kress, Gordon Wright, Paul Fox, Derek Palgrave, Pamela Palgrave, Arthur Henderson and David White

This most colourful display, enhanced by individual spotlights for each crest, was a most fitting introduction to our visit. However it in no way outshone the magnificently illuminated manuscripts in the College's Collection.

Our host had set out a representative selection of volumes illustrating the quite amazing variety of material which had been accumulated over several centuries. This included Rolls of Arms, Visitations, Funeral Certificates, Grants of Arms, etc. Our attention was drawn to the often substantial differences between the records of Visitations held by the College and the several printed versions including the extensive series which had been published by the Harleian Society.

Although we had the opportunity to examine quite a lot of early heraldry, it was also most instructive to be able see some recent grants with their unique combinations of ancient and modern charges. There is no doubt at all that Heraldry remains relevant in our modern world.

The Society wishes to express its thanks to David White for arranging this event and for providing such excellent hospitality.

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